Friday, October 10, 2008

Richard Brautigan tickled by explosions of watermellon sugar

You know when you get a smidge drunk? Just when your face starts getting all hot and your heart beats like a battery in a pouch? And someone starts talking about something, some task or service, and they're saying 'I'm thinking of doing this' or 'getting this done' ? And you say 'I can do that! I'll do that!" and they say "really?" and look all happy because you are offering them something excellent for nothing. You're doing it because you're a great fucking guy and solving problems/providing solutions is your gig mannnnnn. And they're all happy and you drink one of their beers from their fridge because, well, you're helping them out and it's one big positive vibe fest.

And you go to do the thing that you said you could do. 'No problemo' you said. And then you try and you can't do it. Like it takes you ten hours instead of that 30 minutes you pictured when your face was hot.

I hate that.

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