Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quotes that are my life

Cutting my own hair is the only option for me. i never know what to tell a barber and they always want to talk to me- Andy Jenkins

I can't get down with hairdressers. The conversation winds out before halfway through and I look into the mirror and sort of smile like I'm cool with the situation. I try and think of something to say and then cancel it out because it's been to long to break the silence. I find myself asking 'so how long have you been cutting hair' and they tell me and I say 'oh'. Dead end. Dead end.

The other day, when you came over, I was really there, but I hid and pretended not to be home.- Andy Jenkins

This definitely happened regularly about 6 years ago. Should be preceded by 'I've smoked a couple of cones and am borderline skitzo.' I won't pick up the phone either. Or leave the house. You're all out to get me. Weed and coffee. Fuck the birds. They're after me . Ganging up. Gonna peck my eyes. Ethan Fowler I want to skate rails.

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