Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gat Attic Ah

"Sticks and stones break bones but the gat 'll kill you quicker".

A gat is a type of cat that you train to fight battles for you. It's sort of like a Pokemon. In a battle it gets hot and goes "BUCKA!BUCKA!BUCKA!". If you want to be the king of raps you got to talk about gats. It's imperative. Start a gang, make sure everyone has a gat, and drive a jeep. Even if you're all packing cats (they fit in a bumbag) don't call the jeep the pussy-mobile because some young Don trying to claim your king of rap title will probably make reference to it at the next battle. The last thing you want is to be known as the guy who cruises with wimps.

Call your jeep a Whip. Like the chocolate bar that isn't a Mars bar but really sort of is but isn't. You call it a whip because it's for beating people and getting cream. Lots of cream. Gats love cream. And some yak as well. Yak is like Gack but tastes like blunts (blunts are round biscuits= no corners). Eat some yak and say 'yay' call your gat 'Beretty" and you will get paper (Archie comics).

94 Raw (almost a hundred steaks done extra rare)


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