Saturday, December 04, 2010

Congratulations Boy Prince of England and Royal Girlfriend

I've been sticking these up around my hood. Some anti-monarchist keeps pulling them down. Why can't they join in as we celebrate the union of two young lovers? I am so looking forward to the wedding. Can't wait to see what Kate wears! Hopefully Harry keeps his nose clean! No SS uniforms! Oh it will be a ruddy good day that's for sure!

It seemed funny at the time. In hindsight- meh.

Anyway, I'm going to start a band called Boy Prince of England. 


long mid leg said...

putting your newly earned qualification to good use,warms the cockles it does..don't let the haters get you down(they're probably catholic anyway)

Anonymous said...

i want in that band
-Prince Howe III

Anonymous said...

who cares about the band.what's oprah doing RIGHT NOW,i need to know

republican said...

Did you hear about the bass player who locked his keys in the car? It took them hours to get the drummer out.