Sunday, January 09, 2011

Far out far right

There was a green VW beetle at my local supermarket. It was driven by some faded woman who probably kissed little dogs smack on the mouth after a bowl of ice-cream and prunes.

The car's number plate said "SEEK ALE". I wondered if it was some kind of nazi joke. You know how Internet truthsayers and itchy guys rub their chins and say that VWs were Hitler's cars? Was this some kind of word play on 'seig hale'? Was she an ex nazi resettled? Was she a holocaust denier? Was she an alcho always on the search for ale? I'm guessing she was an alcho.
And a nazi. Drunk and goose-stepping to Coldplay and other skinhead bands in her living room. Kissing little dogs and drinking tuna juice and kirsch.

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Anonymous said...

was going to get the exact same plate for my half-track..Schei├če!!