Monday, June 13, 2011

Travis Bon Chicken Liver

Walked around shop with my cardigan inside out. Kris Kross 2011 next level swag.

Talked to weird guy behind checkout. He had one of those forced fatigued voices that level 7 nerd wizards like to employ in work situations. "I'mmmmmmmm havinggggggg a bad dayyyyyyy. Any day is baddddddd when you are at workkkkkkkkk." One of those voices that can't be attributed to any specific region - a timbre grown from watching Two and a Half Men and youtube vids of sassy Brits reviewing Ben Stiller films. So lazy, so unwholesome.

I guessed he'd prefer to be at home watching Glee and eating microwaved chicken nuggets.

I liked the kid. He told me to "Havvvvvvee a nice day" and then probably whispered "Go fuck yourself".

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clerks said...

shay with a gauge and vanilla with a nine