Saturday, August 27, 2011

Communist Chicken

There's this ad on TV at the moment where a guy takes a date to Red Rooster for a 'real lunch'. I think the ad is quite misleading. For one the girl seems like a normal civilian and doesn't appear to be hurting in the face. I think the only type of girl that would be up for a hot date at Red Rooster is one with super low expectations. Maybe that's why the guy is so happy. He doesn't have to do anything to impress her, all he needs to do is push BBQ chicken onto her.

"Have a Salty Burger" he will say and playfully slap it on the top as though it is her buttocks.

If she lifts the lid of said burger he will say "ooooh!" and push out his lips like someone whistling through a Fruit Loop.

He will slightly fellate his chicken roll. She will not notice so he will do it more obviously and almost gag getting the attention of a sweaty boy in gum boots cleaning the aluminum fry well.

Afterwards they could go back to his duplex and have sex on empty pizza boxes in front of some motor sport and she'd be talking to her friends about how she felt like she was in Paris.

That's what Paris is actually like. It's all sex in ashtrays and streets full of prophylactics. I haven't been there but I've pretty much figured it out. People drink orange juice mixed with milk (I saw a French man do this once - vis a vis they all do it) and they let their dogs crap on the road. They don't have Red Rooster but they have something called Rosi Coque which translates to Pink Penis. Le' disgusting.


joe mccarthy said...

this unaustralianism must stop.

chinken boner said...

chicken wrap=lebanese roll=LEBANESE ROLL..hey hey wink wink

Hasan Nasrallah said...

i don't get it.what is chinken?