Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Brrrrrrrrrrrm brrrrrrrrrrrrrrm!!! skweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelly!!

Have you noticed how the construction workers hang the union flag on top of buildings through out the construction process? I like it. Where the old Raffles hotel used to stand, huge luxury apartments are being built, I think each floor sells for more than a million. Any way, it’s this large shiny building, all glass and hard, and on the top hangs the union flag. The workers are claiming territory.

A girl at work asked if I had any hobbies, if I played any sports. I said “ hell yeah, I love sniffing glue and fruit-booting”. (I actually might have said that I enjoyed surfing) I was then obliged to also ask if she had any hobbies.
“I like makeup and stuff.”
“Have you ever thought of becoming a beautician?”
“Yeah I have.” As you can see our conversation was zipping along, full of wit and mutual interest. But then she dropped a bomb for which I am forever grateful, it made my day.
“Oh, and I love burnouts. Really love burnouts. I guess that’s kinda a sport. My boyfriend has a Torana, I love it when we take it out.”
Man, I’ve never met anyone who counted burnouts as a hobby- and I used to live in Bunbury which is next to Australind!
I was blown away and probably a little in shock.
“I hate burnouts,” I said. And that’s where our conversation ended.

Later I heard her talking to her boyfriend on the phone, “Mister when you get back you owe me a burnout…….yeah a burnout and a doughnut….. No, I’ll be real pissed off if you drink ten beers and try and drive to my house hahahaha.”

I shit you not, this is true. Man………..

I have nothing.


JT said...

"Aw sh--, time to break out/ Seems like a black light's done burnt out/ Like, 'Wake me up before you go-go,' man/ It's that black light giving you that devilish tan, huh?" Durst spouts in his trademark whine. "I'm kind of glad you finally found a 'man'/ Stop making plans to manipulate fans and/ Finally stick to something you believe/ 'Cause you had us all fooled and, I'll admit, even me/ Manipulating like a crook who's arrestable/ It's unacceptable, f---ing unacceptable."

JT said...

fred durst you are my homie