Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I ate

I said I was back but my testimony was whack,
but now i'm back like Downer's clap
Whoah Man!

The modern world has been riding me hard and I think it's damaged my back- it's been weighing down on me so hard. Hard, hard, hard.

Every morning I catch the 160 and every morning I see the same characters. There's buggly Mc Eyes. He is porridge with a deep south beard. He listens to ZZ Top and Led Zep on his Ipod. (I presume)He's probably a nice guy. They all probably are if we gave them a chance.

Then there is Colin. He wears the same yellow shirt every day and he can't sit down on a bus seat like a normal West Orstraylian. After putting his multi rider in his breast pocket he has to turn round one full rotation while taking his bag off. I always try and take up to seats with a little bit of slouchy-slouch leg colonisation so he doesn't sit down and breathe my air.

There is also the Mage. He's big and bald and old and smells like damp boardshorts. It's because he lives in a cave and listens to 12" old time rock in rell records in the dank. His head is big and pink and his ears are serious.

Every morning I pass the same church on St.George's Terrace. You know how some churches try and attract new meat with funny (ha ha ha god is cool- I was so wrong. Let's write letters to the local paper about how Muslims might rape girls in bikinis) billboards out the front? ie. .... actually I don't have a good example but it goes something along the lines of witty word play+pop culture reference+ new testament reference= come in suckers.

Anyway, this church has billboards but kind of misses the point.
Church" There is no such thing as a small act of kindness" Whoah heavy. Did they steal that from the quotes near the "all in the family" cartoon in the Reader's Digest? Man I'm gonna repent. One of the messages- they change it every now and again because fashion changes every day and they have got to tap into today's market- really missed the mark.

"Everyone thinks about changing the world but no one thinks about changing themselves" What? I think people living in the thousands (kill me) think more about changing themselves than changing the world. Screw my brother man, I'm gonna pump weights all day, get a fake tan and have a few extra centimeters added to my John Howard.

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