Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm Back, Rabies

I've just got back from Melbourne. For work. Here is a story.
We were sitting at a conference dinner and the night's 'entertainment' was announced. "SWe have a special treat for you tonight, Susan (Elaine/Judy/Jill/Offal) will be running a musical session. It's a little different to what you might be expecting- I'll give you a clue; she won't be singing."

"She's going to strip!" yelled my boss.

No one laughed.

"The last time I was in StKilda I was in this bar and there was this woman that I was drinking with and she got up on the bar and took off all her clothes and then she wanted me to pay her and I said I didn't tell her to do it," My Boss, Melbourne 2006
(The entertainment was a musical quiz featuring music that appealed to the crowd. They'd heard the tunes as they sat in car parks, on televsion ads or on the shitty 'hits for the lowest com denom' FM radio played at their doctor while they waited to to ask questions about constipation.)


Anonymous said...

Please tender your resignation before close of business Friday.

With Regret

"Your Boss."

SC said...

My boss is whiskey. My god is Rock n' Roll. you can't fire me because I ... have a medical condition. I'm allergic to being poor. I overdosed on poor back in '05 and I still can't get off the stuff.
Please sir, help a brother out.