Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Alot of people have asked me how to make pate'. see above recipe. I also included Jelly as a freebee.(picture wouldn't upload- imaging a pig in a blender and a goose in similar blender. ha ha excellent huh?)
Things that i have noticed lately : Most people are a waste of time (tm)
The Worldcup is good because Yugoslavian dudes finally get some respect.
A kitchen hand on the bus tried to convince a 15 year old bricky's labourer that he was paying off a $3 million apartment. "yeah 2 million to go mate". then he asked how much the kid got payed and asked if he could hook him up with a job because he needed a steady income to pay off his pad which has a ten grand sound system that he made himself.
He also burns porno movies on cd's then stamps them with a Playstation stamp so his girlfriend doesn't know. He is really really good at playstation. Got all the cars in Grand Turismo.


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