Friday, May 30, 2008

Mozza and the best actual keywords

Have you ever watched youtube videos of Morrissey singing "there is a light that never goes out" and fast forwarded to the section where he takes his shirt off, throws it into the crowd, and walks off stage?

I did this a couple of times the other night.

He spends less time on stage shirtless these day. Like shirt comes off and bam he's gone. In the 80's vids he dances around with his eyes closed and his back to the crowd. I think he's embarrassed of his older frame. Something like that.

My belly swells when I eat too much. I like to imagine I'm a Pokemon called Garlax (garlic dumpling).

There's a kid in my class who can talk about Manga for seven hours if prodded with the right questions. He calls it 'mungah!' though. Which sounds cooler if you imagine him as a thai kid with a marine cut and not as a New Zealander, which he is. He talked a lot about Goku's wife the other day.

A guy showed him some porno on his mobile phone and he went crazy. He told us that he'd actually seen stuff like that before, actually he'd seen much better ones on the Internet that went for like 20 minutes not 30 seconds like this one, and that he actually knew all the good key words to type into search engines. I should of asked him for them. So far 'women with no clothes on' is bringing up the same hits.

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