Wednesday, June 04, 2008

PS I Rub You

My girlfriend and i have a $25 late fee at the video shop. We got a dvd, I can't even remember what it was called, the dude could freeze time or something like that, it wasn't very good although it did have boobs in it. Maybe I imagined the boobs. I often do that. Anyway, the dvd player blew up (went pop blue electricity) with the disc inside. It wouldn't eject (like Howard before the election!!! HA POLITICAL COMMENTARY). So my girlfriend tipped it on it's side so she could look deep inside (Carry On) and the disc fell back further.

Then we left it in there for a week or so.

Then I got a screwdriver and used it as a hammer to smash the bad movie out.

When we went to the video shop after 4 months of not going I hid the ten dollar note that was in my wallet in my pocket and then i told the girl behind the counter that I only had five bucks. HAHA. I'm like Ghostface. The player haterz are never gonna get they claws in me yo.

She suggested that the people in front of me in the line get "PS I Love You" out.

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