Monday, June 23, 2008

Flat out like a lizard which is trying to look like a paddle pop stick so as not to be eaten by a fat kids neglected cat

Holga. Von Jeiago. Capricosa. hellok.

It's been super cold. I saw the Premier in the city the other day and there were all these people in polo fleeces and dandruff crowding around. He was handing out energy saving light globes and talking about the gas crisis. My beagle has a gas crisis whenever I let him inside. He poots the worst stench since Genghis Khans saddle was washed down.

My friend just handed in his thesis which is super sick (hella epic). He knows lizards like no one else. I'm going to drink some beer with him and a red haired kid. Hella epic.

when you take a photo of someone taking a photo you're in danger of imploding the planet

It's monday and I want to forget Suzy, I want to forget.

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