Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bush fire moon

A girl fell asleep on the bus today. Like rolled her eyes back and zonked out with her mouth all open. The bus went around a corner and she slumped into the dude next to her. He was sort of polite and let her lean against him while feeling uncomfortable at the same time. She came to and realised she was leaning into a guy sitting on a bus. She jolted up and wiped the drool from her mouth. One time a guy, who looked like a cross between a deputy principal and an accountant, fell asleep next to me. He leant right into me and I tried to be all cool but it got a bit annoying. I gave him a little nudge, all hip and shoulder like, and he still didn't open his dumb eyes. I noticed that he had pink nail polish on and wondered how it got there.

Each day my bus drives past the burnt out remains of another bus. It caught on fire and basically burnt to death. When I see it I pretend I'm in Palestine. A girl in my primary school's mum's car caught on fire once. The de-mister on the back window heated up and then burnt the shit out of the back of her car. My best friend walked with her to the end of the oval and then moonied her. I thought it was the greatest thing ever. Our teacher gave him a lecture on sexual harassment. The teacher was a douche. My friend was rad.

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