Tuesday, August 12, 2008

La' Grande Chuzzler uh.

The other night I was talking to a young doctor at the Subiaco hotel. She seemed a little scratchy, like a glitchy record, one of those people that could easily make you feel like drinking yourself into a coma and collapsing in a corner to avoid hearing their opinions on

We started talking about the upcoming state election and she went in to overdrive. "I've grown up with Labor politicians at my house" She wanted me to know this. She said it about five times. Then she told me that they actually smoked weed- they were 'potheads'. Didn'tyaknow?

"Eric Ripper has basically been the Premier of Western Australia for the last five years. He's a great guy." And on, and on. When ever I think of Eric Ripper I think of the time he and Geoff gallop went to the Peters Ice Cream factory (I'm not really sure why - some dairy farmers. Anyway, both of them were decked out in those white smocks with little whit hats on holding Drumstick icecreams. Ripper was murdering his. They were probably going to get a few press shots inside the factory with some machinery in the background, you know smiley smile. But Ripper couldn't wait. He was ripping his apart "MMMMMUMMUUU ICECREAM!!!!!" There was milky residue running down his sausage fingers as he pushed the cone further up into his grand moustache chuzzler. There was so much perversity in his eyes - it was almost akin to a sex crime.

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