Thursday, September 09, 2010

Buzzed Cut

The other day someone tried to tell me that Tekken was better than Street Fighter. This person was my girlfriend. Yeah watching blocky faux 3D polygons go slow motion is way better than making E.Honda's hand look like he's having the most violent wank of 1994. Totally unrealistic and simplistic call.

This conversation reminded me of my favourite T-shirt. It's a Street Fighter shirt and it looks like it's been airbrushed. It has Blanka about to bash Chung-Li on it. He's already bashed Ryu and now he's going to bash her. Electrically. Around the outside it has all the other characters in various poses. I bought the T-shirt when I was ten from a massive petrol station some where in country Western Australia. It must have been huge because it still fits me. It was manufactured in 1993, all rights reserved Capcom. I have worn it every day (mostly at night) since last friday. That's almost a week. It is seriously the best T-shirt I have. But I only wear it inside my house.

I got some cold and flu drugs today. They're super drowsy ones. I went to sleep at 2.30 in the afternoon. I feel like I'm trapped in the new SALEM album. Or maybe in a drone. One of them.


Anonymous said...

dump her

romy & michelle said...

Just think of the blog entries this little poodle show should create,will make your adventures on public transport seem like a night at the opera. PURGATORY

Anonymous said...

well i totally fucked that up didn't i. romy & michelle

SC said...

Holy fucking shit.

That has harshed my buzz big time.
You know something Romy & Michelle; you're alright.