Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Lance another one.

"I'm working free lance"

That's all you have to say if someone asks you how looking for a job is going. And you are free lancing. Your making a sandwich with peanut butter and gherkins independently for a private entity, cash in hand (no money changes hands though because you don't actually have any money, forgot what it was like to have money, have no prospects of obtaining money bar selling your copy of Extortion's Degenerate).

Coffee, cheese sandwiches, half-hearted weight sessions. These are my currency. I'm richer than Black Forest yo! More cream than pale skin kids apply on harsh summer days to halt harsh summer rays. Gluten for dayssssss!

I went to Albany the other day. I saw tons of Albanians. I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of big noses. I saw at least two or three prize conkers. Pretty impressive stuff. I reckon a big nose serves you well in life. It's bold, it says "I'm here and I'm olfactorily gifted". It's champion stuff.  So proud. So ready.

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