Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Oh Gaw

The car I was driving broke down at a busy intersection today. The clutch went to mush. A woman gave me a push through the lights and up onto the curb where I stood in the hot sun until the RAC guy came. I got humped by the waft of a Lean Cuisine eater's bin. I felt really guilty about the dude I drove passed the other day. I probably could have pushed his car for him. But I didn't. I went home and watched youtube videos and ate poorly. If I had been more pious with my eating choices perhaps I could have avoided this karma related car failure. Something simple, say rocket and chickpeas with tap water as a beverage instead of smashing three different types of cheese and peanutbutter. I fucked up. You are sort of what you eat, and I was nervous.

Also, needing a job more and more each day. Someone hook me up. Pay me some actual money and let me run things. Sweeter deal than corn syrup chug a lugs.


Anonymous said...

hang (with) the dj

SC said...

Holy shit anonymous. You have your finger on le pulse constantly. Dream job. Fully getting hair frosted in anticipation.

jungle lung said...

hah! a lady pushed you?