Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I watched a TV show the other day called Port City. It's all about things that happen on a port- boat comes in, man with burnt nose tells other men to get a forklifter and unpack mattresses, man in shorts and with curly hair drives new car down ramp really fast, does it again 140 times, man with burnt nose looks at clipboard and tugs collar.

It somehow omitted other parts of port life like peeing on crabs and eating soup from a tin. It did however touch on sex based shore-leave which kept me watching. It said that there were 40 tugboats in Brisbane and up to "85 tug jobs a day"!

That's more like it! I think some of the sailors only joined up for the tug jobs, they looked so happy to see the tuggers. One even lit up a cigarette prematurely. The guys manning the tug boats, the tuggers if you will, were a bit podgy and looked like they would have rough hands. Heaven knows they're good at their jobs though. The captain had a seat with sheepskin on in! A true throne! I have a feeling you don't get a sheepskin chair (and a cool tattoo) without being a master of the court (strong forehand/backhand/finishing shots).

Haaaaaaa! Tug jobs.

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mua rep said...

i'll have you know that my guys have it very hard,it's not always easy to get a large vessel into such a tight gap and dealing with foreign seaman can be a right pain in the arse!