Friday, May 12, 2006


The first thought that goes through my head when I begin a new job is "It's going to feel really good when I quit this job." Every single job I've ever had. What will I say when I leave? Should I wear short shorts and a gortex jacket? I bet you Nas doesn't have to sit at a desk and talk to boring people. I bet you Nas says " Awwww hell" and goes out and buys ten pairs of Basketball shoes. I bet you Nas eats fried chicken whenever he feels like it and washes it down with a chocolate protein shake. I bet Nas has super tough dogs and a black car.
"To see me on the street without a pound of reefer would be like Malcom X catching the jungle fever" Ain't gonna happen is it Nas?
"Damn straight fool."

Hip Hop has been ruling my life lately.

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little b said...

do you know what Nas is man? - hes prolific! once a month, thats not a blog, sheet fool!