Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bad coffee, broken dreams

“I’m in the Who’s Who of WA. Have to get a copy for the office I reckon. I’m a bit of a shaker, know the Premier. Got his mobile number. Allan’s a good bloke. Hey, actually we should ask him to one of our meetings. Yeah do that Julie- just give his office a call. I’m sure he’d love to come, actually I’m pretty sure he’s expecting to come. Just like the Union, they’ll send a couple of reps. I think they’ll do anything for a free feed, it’s good tucker, really good, I love a good meal. Last night I had the surf and turf. It was exceptional- the steak’d have to be the size of a dinner plate. They do real good meals down there, they sure do. Actually Judy, I mean Julie, I might get you to give the hotel a call. One of the guys at the front counter, I haven’t seen him before, he asked me for my credit card details. I said to him ‘look we’ve got a deal, it’s all pre-organised’ but he kept asking for my number and I think Steve was getting a little uncomfortable- don’t think he’s got a credit card. Anyway, I said ‘I’ve been staying here a lot longer than you’ve been working here mate, I’m going to go across the road and book into the Admiral and then I’m gonna send the bill for the accommodation and the difference to your boss’ anyway he finally booked us in. It wouldn’t hurt for you to give them a call and let them know that Mr.____ had a bit of trouble with the guy at the front counter, he was a young guy, the boss needs to have a word with him, he’s a real little smart arse. Imagine if the Premier wasn’t in the Who’s Who and I was…. Look out! I’m comin’ for your job haha, wouldn’t go down too well I reckon. Who’s gonna drive me to the airport?”

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Joshua said...

Weak soy latte grande with honey. mm. I *need* my coffee - I just can't function without it!