Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The dark angel of route 160

Every day this goth catches my bus. He works in the city and plays PSP all the way. Well usually after his girlfriend gets off about halfway through the trip. She is a goth too but more of your nerd 'I love cats', ironic bob hair style, skivvy, sensible shoes etc. Actually I wouldn't really call her a goth, she only gets that title through association. I'd call her more "Lean Cuisine; I like Placebo". And the dude, he's not really a goth either now that I think of it. He's more of nerd. And all nerds are into black clothes right? Heaven knows why- it doesn't hide dandruff or semen very well. Two things that I'm sure have covered a black trench coat or ten to the sound of Quake and Rammstein.

Anyway, the guy wears these super 'funny' (funny if you're retarded and enjoy teh net catz) such as "I pwn n00bs" and "What she said"(I'm not actually sure what this is a reference to- a Ben Stiller movie? anyone?). These are excellent statements as they tell other commuters "I spend copious amounts of time online eating instant pasta" and we can easily write a synopsis in our head- don't sit next to the pale one.

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