Monday, September 01, 2008

Every now and then, I hear a hiss

It's like a million o'clock on Monday morning. I can't sleep. So I'm sitting here, face full of computer glow, thinking things and living dead.

Last night I had a head full of booze and stomach full of golden fried potato and pizza. I'd pushed the seams, like I do so often. Now I'm eating biscuits and my head hurts - I didn't drink a coffee until about 4 in the afternoon. I feel sick without it. My head starts to beat and I feel a bit hung overish. Like a sailor who's been out at sea for so long that they start losing reality, all they've got is dehydration and the roll and lull of the ocean(plus sunburn and the worst smell ever in the pants).

I really should start lifting weights. I think this often. There's not much muscle in the muscle of my arm. A little flex doesn't produce much tension. I could really go some muscles me "check out my muscles"wow nice muscles"thank yee".

And every now and then I hear a hiss. The house hums and chokes. My fridge - he's loud. Rrrrr RRrrrr rrrrrrRRR.

Some dumb birds are still awake. Dumb birds. It's night time. Wattle wattle birds. Wattle wattle. I wonder if the street lights tell them it's day time. Dumb birds.

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Joshua said...

sometimes i trick my brother by crossing cables at the back of his reciever and telling him the hum he is hearing is the latest avant garde noise project from an underground melbourne act. and make him listen to it for 13 minutes