Sunday, September 14, 2008

"You there Colin? I've come round to drop off some fish. We had fish and chips for dinner last night - Ron's night off. Anyway, there's some left. A nice piece of flake and some squid rings. Be a nice dinner for you. I put some of the coleslaw in as well- just enough for one I think. And half a pickled egg. They're not really my thing. Oh and I bought your mail in. Looks like there's a sale on for trackys at Big Dub. If you give me some money i'll go pick you up a pair. The old one's are looking a bit raggedy and it would be nice to get you into a nice new pair for when you have to visit the doctor or go down to the club. I'm going to get Ron a pair as well so I might as well get a couple. How are you for your meds? I can't remember if they came last week though I suppose you have a fair bit in the back room. Actually, now that I'm here, do you think I could borrow some pain pills? My legs are giving me curry. From top to bottom I ache these days. Ron says it's cause I do so much but you got to keep active don't you?Mr.Howard's still out there walking every morning. Colin? You in Colin?"

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