Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Super Emo Holiday Part 1.

I am going to post a photo every night for every day of my holiday. This will inspire me, in part, to make sure I lead a super radical extremo existence everyday. Today I had an ache in me gulliver. I ate dodgy mexican food. I said" I feel sick. I think I have the food poisoning" and a ginger said "racist!". I walked around Subi today. Man, that place is pretty boring. I had some ramen at Wagamamma's and drank the soup with a wooden ladel. I wasn't sure if that's what you're meant to do but that's what I did. I teh punx.

This dog jumped into the river and swam out real deep. Obviously doesn't know about the great swan river bull shark. Fins up, claws out, swan river bull shark is what I'm talkin' about! He made my dog seem a little poofy.

Dear diary,

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