Saturday, December 13, 2008

Super Emo Holiday Part Nein

Social commentary. That's what's been lacking a shaq-a-lacking. So here, I lay down some observations.
Colin Barnett = Tombstone teeth. He's got these ratty broken fronts that have gaps big enough to fit a lego head replete in lego space headwear. He also has this curtain of jowl that seems to flop over the front of his collar and blocks the view of his half windsor. He seems to sweat, some form of right-wing vinegar substance, and goes pink like a lump of grainy silverside. His nose looks like it's had a bit of a nibble from a few rats drawn by his posthumous breath. Judging by his physical appearance I can safely say he is a chronic masturbator with a horrendously poor diet. Premier material? Yeah, he's pretty much what WA deserves. Man I hate West Australians.


Anonymous said...

What is this self indulgent twaddle I'm reading? is this what passes for quality literature these days?.Back in my day,I had a face full of dirt hiding from the Germans in a ditch in occupied Holland but I still found time to read a local resistance pamphlet,now that was quality writing.This,this is a right(left) dog's breakfast.Bloody Y generation...Y indeed

S/O/P said...

boom over colin barnett boom over

SC said...

But Barnett is a bad guy and stuff, he's like a fascist you know, and he's like trying to ban everything I hold dear - like .... well he's just bad and stuff. I'm going to skateboard on his driveway and breakdance on his garden.

Man, the narcs are always trying to harsh my mellow.

Anonymous said...

Fascist? wouldn't know a real fascist if one goose stepped up to you and asked if he could search for yellow cake in your back yard.