Thursday, February 05, 2009

Dumb things I have heard recently from people in positions of authority

1. "Do you know about Versace? Have you heard anything bad about him? Heard any rumours?.... No? That's because he payed everyone to keep quiet".

2. "...It was called outcomes based education. Hitler loved it because it meant people didn't know how to think creatively and would salute when he said to"

3."In twenty years time there won't be any work for actors - they'll all be out of jobs. They'll have animations playing all the parts. People, in Japan mostly, will fall in love with these animations because they will be so life-like. Actors know this and they're getting worried. They're going to be redundant. You don't have to pay animations!"

4. "Money is our greatest form of love".


S/O/P said...

gotta get PAYEd

SC said...

I always spell it like that. I must be programmed that way. No matter how often it happens.