Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Storm Bringer : Hail Mary-Sue

Yesterday I was walking through the city. I got to an intersection an waited for the lights to change. Looking across the road I saw a feral woman lift up her baggy tunic and flash a hundred or so business suited capitalists. She laughed to herself and then jaywalked across four lanes of traffic with an evil smile. 6 hours later a massive storm ripped through Perth. Coincidence? I'm not thinking so. She was probably a storm witch. Her boobs were powerful.

After casting the spell I think she probably caught a train out to an outer suburb and smoked buckets in a carpet fluff palace.

ES 1996


We've been on the run Driving in the sun Looking out for #1 said...

i'ld take storm witch over i need two dollars to visit my sick...blah, any day

SC said...

Hmmm, I never thought about that. You've taken my pondering down a different delta. Perhaps one day, you and I will appear on Q&A with Tony Jones. Hopefully Julie Bishop will also be present and we can set her hair on fire. There'd have to be enough spray on varnish in her helmet hair to create a nice little CO2 footerprinter,

eau de parfum reactionary 100ml said...

the "bish" has got herself some muscle, we may have to practise on the cosmetics ladies at myer's first. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2006/03/09/1587241.htm

Anonymous said...

never trust a big butt and a smile

he bangs said...

this isn't easy but i feel i've reached a point in my life where i'm comfortable with myself and who i am and that i can finally summon the inner strength to acknowledge that i am infact..the owner of a ricky martin cd