Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DK took my baby away, they took him away, away from me

I remember when my little brother came home from school with a Dead Kennedys 'Too Drunk To Fuck' shirt on. My mum said "You're too young for either of those things!" and made him take it back to the shop. He was pissed off. It was the Dead Kennedys Mum! It's a song! But she would not have her little cherub walking around proclaiming he was drinking and sexing or rather that he was so into drinking he couldn't even achieve the sexing. I'm not sure if what actually happened to the shirt but I never saw him wear it again. The law had got the punx down once again.

I made an observation today (probably the start of a thesis or a letter to Dolly Doctor). There seems to be a million girls with weird fingernail things. Like they have long nails but they're only coloured on the bit that extends past the finger. It kind of looks like they've got a bunch of gunk stuck under their nail, like they've destroyed toilet paper with their claws and now have fecal matter crammed in their nails. You would probably get hepatitis if they gave you a massage.

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