Tuesday, January 06, 2009

SEH .22

On the television this morning some old bat was say that 'Dorothy and Frank' would be the most popular baby names this years. They were good solid 'depression' names and that they would replace current number ones 'Mia and Jack'. No more Jtylah Tobassco or Cohrleenah Tsunahmia, parents chose less frivolous names when the dollar is shy - according to this expert who looked like she'd sieved a pot of dirt through her choppers.

I can't really imagine a baby called Frank. Well I can but their future isn't too rosy. Who calls a kid Frank? Shit. A two year old called Frank? "Mother, i want some polony and also I want my pet brick. I'm going to lick the polony off Bricky, and then I'm going to sniff my fingers". That's what would happen. I've met some Franks before but they were never kids so this doesn't apply to them.

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