Friday, January 23, 2009

Super Emo Holiday Part Firty

I saw Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds the other night. It was amazing. Inside a massive open air ampitheatre within a disused quarry. I felt like I was involved in some sort of primordial tradition as thousands of us sweated and squirmed as the crazy magic man convulsed and thrusted on stage. It was magical noise.

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Alistair said...

Comment by Ken Roberts
January 27th, 2009 at 7:16 pm
Al Gore should be in jail along with Hansen for perpetrating a hoax on the entire world and almost causing a panic, the warming theory is just that a made up theory to bilk many out of house an home . the greenies are responsible for high energy cost over all and it is doing nothing but costing us an arm an a leg to pay our utility bills and now if Obama thinks we are going to recover with a cap an trade system in place that will do nothing to stop something that is not happening. No one can be that stupid can they? it has to be power and money that drives these nuts to say what they say . they really have no proof of anything and should hold onto their words so we can at least come back on line with our economy and save our country , the world will be fine . We will be struggling to pay for out electricity and natural gas and we won’t be buying cars or other items that make the world go around . I certainly hope that these people are outed and they will be placed in the flat earth society, so they can be ignored as they should be .