Thursday, January 15, 2009

Super Emo Holiday Part Twenty Seven

If I ever start a punk band I'm going to use this as a logo. Flowers are so un-punk theyre fkn punk. Full circle. I'm a mad man and no system can hold these milky white fists still!*

There's an old crust that lives on the other side of our fence. He's got a big melon of a head and his hair is snow white. His glasses always seem smudged like he's tried to clean them with vaseline.

John's built a number of things and torn them down in his backyard over the three years we've been in the house. At one stage there was a chicken pen. I looked over the fence once and there were two dead doves hanging by their feet from the ceiling. I thought this was quite strange. Apparently they were eating the chicken feed or something equally death worthy. Doves are apparently a scourge. He also caught a crow that was hanging around and then released it kilometers away. As I said before - he's a crust.

There are a lot of Ibis (plural of ibis is...? Ibi?) around our neighbourhood. They sit on lawns and peck away at ibis food. Today when I was walking the dog I saw John walking across the road towards the house opposite his. There were a few ibis pecking away. He had a few lemons and he was absolutely pelting them towards the house as he approached. I couldn't work out if he had a vendetta against the house or the birds. Either way he would have offended both house and birds with his behaviour that was quite odd which I saw with my eyes today which is thursday.

*Not a 'self love' reference

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