Friday, January 23, 2009

Super Emo Holiday Part Twenty Nein

"Life can be so good and so shit at the same time". I said this yesterday and my brother said it was very deep and that I should put it on a T-shirt and rolled his eyes and sighed. I'm a profit of the gutter like Nas. He makes profit from the gutter. I dropped a dollar coin down the drain in primary school once. It was hot and the drain smelt like sick all sweet and dark and deep and dark. I was disappointed as I wanted to buy a sausage roll or a little carton of choc milk. Some cool kids with tanned legs used to throw small change purposely into the drain like it wasn't no thang yo'hear. Money to burn in primary school. Two ice-creams rich. Count Choculas and Jokers and a bag of bullets.

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