Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Terminator X speaks with his hands

I saw a man with a moustache and a large mullet the colour of a German Shepherd when I was waiting for my bus. I was scared for my safety. This guy clearly had no sense of social norms which made me feel that he was a potential predator. Another guy on the bus looked like Trent Reznor with a dodgy goatee. He had a T shirt on that said 'Republicans for Voldemort' which may be funny if you are say, a twelve year old kid who thinks they know about American politics, but is completely retarded if you are, say, a 37 year old man with died black hair. It makes me think you get your politics from South Park. It also makes me think you're probably trying to date 14 year old girls. I feared for my safety.

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Anonymous said...

people in glass houses shouldn't jump over chairs in their backyard.