Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Things you see on a walk

I was walking the dog not far from where I live. In a ten meter stretch I saw a used tampon, a couple of broken bottles and a used condom. I wonder if they were connected? They could have been. Maybe someone had a binge drinking kinky date on the footpath? Daniel Upson told us in primary school that used condoms were called 'jam donuts'. In hindsight I think he probably meant 'cream donuts' - it seems more fitting. Adrian Brown called female genitalia 'pancakes'. I'm not sure if this term was widespread through out the wider Bunbury area or if it was more a term indigenous to my primary school. We also had the turn 'bum jabber' and 'cecil' for pansies. Total bad arse year 7 terminology. 'Can I borrow your sharpner?'
'I don't have one'
'Yes you do'
'No I don't you dicksnap'.

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