Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Thai Buddha

I waited at the bus stop for a bus that didn't come. I then caught it to the train station to a train that never came. Technical difficulties. So I had to catch a bus full to the brim of old people who smelled like they'd ingested Miss Maud's Custard Sloppers, milky tea and talcum powder sweat dust.

Thanks Colin Barnett. I now know what it's like to live in the Eastern Bloc. You have opened my eyes. Next time I'm drunk on homemade kirsch I'm coming to beat you a deep shade of communist red with a pickled herring. You will feel the unrepressed groin kicks of my rage deep in your Soviet beets. I will also crash my Lada Niva into your Toyota and yell out 'Cold war! Cold War! Milosevic!'

My girlfriend came home with a funny looking passport the other day. I laughed and she cried. I thought it was funny until I got one today.

I probably can't ever enter South East Asia with this photo. I look like I'm hunting Chong. I want to chop chop. I'm gonna chase the dragon and blow goats. It looks a million times worse in colour but you have to be wary of teh identity thieves on the netz so I've used my exceptional graphic design skills to produce the cover for 80's weed punk phenom Weed Life's first 12". featuring such songs as Bad Buzz (coke and aspro), Til Tuesday IOU, Go it alone/ loving tonight, and the infamous Pork Chop Cops.

Green room.

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Anonymous said...

I've been up to Cervantes crammed in the back of a "lada niva",by the time we got there I was about ready to order my generals to open an eastern front and crush Bolshevism.