Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vegan Cult Comes

Freckly faced friends, slender fingered girls and other loveable characters,

It has came to my intention that the vegan cult is growing in number. In fact I feel them closing in like the sweet suck of a puppies gums before they get all bite bite bite- no toes. I walked out of TAFE today and saw this :

Oh yes, you're right; that is Superior Master Ching Hai looking down on you from atop a building which probably houses cult members dressed in peach coloured tracksuits (or those mail order Snuggies) repeatedly brushing their curly hair and preparing for the end of the world.

Here's a closer look

That's Superior Master Ching Hai. Notice how Australia is going underwater. WA seems to be the safest place. No daylight savings but no flooding. It's a toss up. I think her plan is to enslave us all and get us to work in her salt mine. 'Salt! Salt! I love salt!' she will yell and rub big handfuls from between her breasts over her rich Superior Master belly. I'm onto this shit. Journalism degree is coming into handy. I'm blowing the roof right off this story. It starts here. Just like I uncovered the stolen trolly racket:Here and Here and also here I'm a modern day Hunter S. Thompson. I'm sipping cough medicine and getting hot scoops. I'm wearing a bath robe and oiling my hair.

Also; this is the church across the road from TAFE.

Real people? More like real douchebag stock photos.

Journalism. I'm doing it.



Anonymous said...

i saw real people once.

S/O/P said...

I am real people. All of them. It's my 'thing'