Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Wristcutters" and "Good Dick" also worth a squiz

Someone wrote that in the comments when I discussed the filum Beautiful Kate which you should see.

I like it. '"Good Dick".

"Hello DVD rental attendant. I have driven here in my car. Hooo the price of petrol has gone up I have noticed as I work at a job and pay for the petrol which my car uses. I don't suppose you have Good Dick. I need to see it. Give me Good Dick. I really want it. Oh don't be coy. Give it to me NOW!"

Also, who ratted me to the Vegan Death Cult? It's eating me up like golden staph eats the pale inner thighs of drunk reef walking tourists in French Polynesia.

God I love you.


Anonymous said...

i always don't wanna be spending hard earned renting dvd's from someone with a bendy one.


My video store smells like chicken treat so I don't go there any more. Selah

Anonymous said...

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