Monday, September 21, 2009

Tie me up (the bowl cut kid)

Oliver from across the road asked my brother and I to tie him up once. He came over and said "Can you tie me up?".

We obliged.

We took him to the back shed and wrapped his arms to his sides with masking tape. We went round and round until he was mummified - a large tape worm if you will. The whole time we did this he had a contented smile on his face. Like getting tied up was the most relaxing thing that could happen to you.

There was a house getting built directly across the road from our's. We lifted Oliver like a wounded Vietnam vet and placed him on his side on a freshly dried concrete slab. He was laughing to himself.

We then went inside and played Sega and ate cheese.

He said that some older brothers from down the road who had long hair and wore black t-shirts and rode BMXs had came past and poked him with a stick a couple of times. After this he managed to get up and hop back to his house.

I can't work out if my brother and I did the wrong thing in taping the kid up. He was a strange guy.

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HairKing said...

More Hamish stories pls. Especially if they involve stories of young prepubescents masturbating