Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Whale World Glue Sniffing

One time in primary school my class went to a shoe factory. It was in a county town where they used to kill whales.The factory made ugg boots. While we were there my nose started bleeding. I didn't have any tissues so I started to sniff to try and retrieve the flow. Plan backfired. They used so much solvent glue in the factory that my nervous and continued huffing made me feel all tall and stretched. I got so high that I had to go outside before I fainted.

Later on at another location, while at the urinal, a class mate asked me if I wanted to 'sword fight'.


jungle lung said...

nice picture mister. Where is Gandolf and Frodo who kill the orc? I've seen those movies 3 times.

SC said...

No, no, no. This is completely different. This is a Ork. With a K. Different. He's looking for Gandolf and Frowdow. I've never heard of the two you've mentioned.